MinNefer  Mernahkem is the owner and president of Azura Global Consulting also known as AGC, specializes in branding, re-branding, marketing research, organizational  leadership development  training as well as the author of three books on branding.

MinNefer  thinks and runs AGC with an engineering mind. He earned his undergraduate degree in Construction Engineering Management from Augsburg College in Minneapolis Minnesota .


He used his engineering brain and passion for construction to assist several companies including US Steel Reduction, AT&T and the McDonald’s corporation.

MinNefer  eventually pursued his entrepreneurial passion and his mythological phoenix persona and gave birth to TMG Construction.


He lead TMG from birth with a $6,000 investment through its pinnacle growth value of $60M and eventual sale to capital investors.


While growing TMG, MinNefer was multi-tasking and earned his Master Degree in brand management with a PHR certification from Indiana Institute of Technology in Indianapolis Indiana.


After the sale of TMG Construction, working under the capital investors as a minority owner, MinNefer went back to school and earned his MBA in marketing & branding, back at I.I.T..


As he watched his dream mature and then die, when the company he founded closed its doors and went out of business, like the phoenix, MinNefer shed his ashes and was reborn to give birth to another company. Azura Global Consulting [AGC].

Having discovered a passion for matching solutions to people and their problems, and leading and developing companies to unleash their potential.


MinNefer identifies with the mythological phoenix because he’s an expert at risking it all, losing it all and still coming out on top, never giving up the will to do it again.

MinNefer believes that everyone should find something that they are passion about and Learn it, Love it and Live it, Do It! Because someday you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you.


Life happens, keep moving follow your dreams and live your passion………