​​Your logo is the ambassador of your brand. As a single image, it has to convey the complex set of attributes that define that brand. Its look, feel and style instantly show the world what your business is about, while establishing the foundation for the rest of your company's marketing imagery and collateral.

Corporate Identity Design

​​To break through the advertising clutter that bombards your potential customers every day, you need a compelling identity and a way to execute and apply it consistently. We can create that identity from scratch or fashion one out of a hodgepodge of existing branding and identity strategies. Then we’ll apply it to ad designs, brochures, postcards, posters, banners, business cards, letterhead, and point of purchase displays.


​As Re-branding consultants in an era of great economic and social change, we help companies shape the future of business and become the most meaningful brands of our time.

Market Data Research

​​Both primary and secondary market data research play a fundamental role in re-branding, AGC is helping to determine the feasibility of a project and even test a product to provide invaluable information to drive a business’ strategy.

​We also provide both a credible and valid source of reference.   


AGC can help you in a number of areas:


* Brand Name - with the right name, potential customers   have an immediate and positive impression.


* Developing a Brand - don’t be scared about standing

out from the crowd, you should be scared of blending in!


* Building your Brand - A reminder in fact to continually adapt your brand to ensure it remains competitive.