We started out with humble beginnings, as a small minority firm, our Founder/CEO, had little money in his bank account, no where to turn, and looking for a new lease on life.  Armed with  a dream,a vision and purpose to create a company that would  help reshape brands, train future and present leader's with meaning to create positive change.

MinNefer Mernahkem created Azura Global Consulting {AGC} the #1 Premier Re-branding and Training firm.  As a re-branding and training consultant firm in an era of great economic and social change. We help companies tell their story and  shape the future of their business to become a house hold name brand.  The brands we shape are purpose-driven and thrive on making a positive impact on their industry and on people’s lives.

They create shared value to create greater brand value. And they make life better, by elevating the role that brands play in the world.  Giving your brand every advantage means knowing not only what to do, but when to do it.

Wherever you are in your brand’s life cycle—just starting, re-branding, training or deepening brand experience—we’re here to help.

​​​​​​​​​​​What's your brand? And what does it say to the world? What's your story?

Our Motto Is: Learn it, Love it, Live it - Do it...